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Sample Stands

Why Food Retailers Are Hungry For More

Over half of all final purchasing decisions of shoppers are made spontaneously in the store. Regardless if the shopper previously jotted down a grocery list of just a few items to pick up, unplanned purchases are a grand opportunity for food retailers to implement sample stands within their store. From delis and grocery stores to juice bars and bakeries—increase sales, strengthen your other brands across the board, and keep customers coming back for more with sample stands.


HUBERT®’s Newest Sample Stand Options

HUBERT® offers a variety of sample stand options, ensuring each business finds a product perfectly suited to their individual needs.

Sampling Stand with sign

4S InfoTaste Deluxe Sample Stand

A few key features include:

  • Frame sign holder for up to 8.5”x11” attachment
  • Adapter ring included to easily convert from 10” to 12” sample set
  • Includes 10” sample set


Sample stand

4S InfoTaste Basic Sample Stand

A few key features include:

  • Unit can be placed in strategic area using minimal floor space
  • Self-closing dome keeps product fresh and locks to base
  • Includes 10” sample set


Additional Advantages of Sample Stands

  • Spotlight specific products you want to stand out from the competition
  • Seamlessly cross-merchandise with other products
  • Try-it-before-you-buy-it increases consumer confidence

Get a Taste of the Benefits of Sample Stands

Here’s some data to snack on:


A recent study found that over half of shoppers (66%) believe that sampling influences their purchase decisions. These purchases include decisions made all around the store—in the bakery, deli & prepared foods, and produce section.

Nelson, Andy. “The Fresh Advantage.” Supermarket Perimeter, Oct. 2019, p. 9.

Sample stands cause an increase/decrease in:


  • An immediate and sustained impact on sales
  • Overall brand sales (regardless if samples only showcase one product)
  • Customer engagement, attentiveness, and overall satisfaction


  • One-time customers
  • Online and digital food retail shopping
  • Uneducated purchase decisions
  • Labor costs of in-store demonstrations

Who Uses Sample Stands?

Designed to seamlessly blend in with your store yet stand out to customers, sample stands can be placed in a variety of retail settings like:

Food Samples

Bakeries • Food Manufacturers • Grocery Stores • Restaurants

Beverage Samples

Cafés • Juice Bars • Coffee Shops

Food Truck Samples

Food Trucks • Gas Stations • Health Stores • Pet Stores

Food for Thought

Get the gears turning with some of HUBERT®’s thought-starters and creative solutions.

To engage your maximum number of customers with sample stands, start by looking at your sales data and find out which days and times are the busiest. Perhaps Sunday morning is the busiest time of the entire week for your store. In that case, you’ll want to target that time and create something new to put on the schedule. “Sunday morning samples” becoming a regular part of that day could be the key to seeing your sales grow even more.
Start by considering different themes to run. Perhaps one sample day is dedicated to desserts. Or, if you have an evening sampling event, creating a “wine pairing” theme could give you the leg up on showcasing even more items and cross merchandising wine, cheese, and crackers all together.
Who doesn’t love hearing about free products?
Marketing is a huge part of any business being successful, and getting foot traffic in the door can be as simple as using your company’s social media or a monthly newsletter. Advertising your samples is a great way to raise awareness and promote your new products.
Recipe tasting is a great way to showcase the value of your product, in a fun, unique way. For example, serving a new yogurt as a parfait with other fixings like granola and fresh fruit shows the versatility of your product. Leaving customers with recipe cards is also an impacting way to leave a mark on your customer and their experience.

Ready to Start Sampling in Your Store?

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to the effectiveness of sample stands. We believe that just as each business is vastly different, each sample stand should exclusively reflect your business’s brand and unique shopping journey for customers.

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