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Real Customer Story with Proven Results

A Hubert customer ordered eight total skids of products for a store rollout.

Two of their employees were tasked with checking in the order. Similar past orders indicated this would take two full days to complete the task.

The two person team utilized our product app which enabled them to scan products swiftly.

They completed the job in just over one day, saving five hours of time.

Resources and media

Using the Hubert projects management app saved our customers an average of 4 hours during their check in process. Thanks to features such as QR scanning, product feedback and search they're able to work faster than ever before!

Download resources:

Check back soon for new app resources in development.

  • Coming soon: Marketing materials
  • Coming soon: Customer testimonial
Hubert projects app available on mobile and desktop

How do you save time with

The Hubert Projects App?

  • Quickly locate your project with QR scanning.
  • Easily sorting projects by location.
  • Using search and filtering to find products.
  • Get push notifications on shipping updates.
  • Send feedback directly to Hubert on products.

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