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Point of Purchase Displays

Optimize Point of Purchase (POP) Displays with HUBERT®’s innovative solutions. We’ve done our research, and it’s clear that POP Displays are a frontrunner in today’s shopping experience, and more so, forecasted to vastly evolve in coming years as a staple strategy.

POP Displays are both a science and an art in the food retail industry, so here’s how we can help.

What is point of purchase?

Over half of all shopper final purchasing decisions are made on the spot and in the store, regardless if the shopper previously researched a product online or even jotted down a grocery list of just a few items to pick up from their visit. This “impulse buying” is heavily influenced by simply catching the shopper’s attention and realizing that a product was something they never knew they wanted, until now.


Why do you need to utilize point of purchase displays?

Point of Purchase Displays are proven to increase sales, enhance customer engagement, and boost brand awareness. Here’s a few reasons why POP Displays are trending ahead of practical store marketing.

Living in a world built upon immediate gratification and quick convenience, POP Displays thrive on the concept of on-the-spot decisions.

We’re not going to shy away from the challenge of customers looking down at their phones for much of their on-floor shopping experience. POP Displays have a competitive edge over traditional advertising for creating eye-catching, impacting solutions.

Cash is no longer king. As today�¢??s shopper�¢??s main form of payment is through credit card or other digital currency, impulse buys are more applicable today than ever.

Customers are looking for an interactive experience and longing to use all five senses, not just sight in their shopping experience. POP Displays offer the chance to feel, smell, and taste products first before buying.


Where do point of purchases usually take place?

Location, location, location. Careful thought is required when placing POP Displays throughout your store, and we’ve perfected our products to ensure success. While POP Displays traditionally lived at checkout counters, we have evolved our products to a full-store presence, seamlessly blending in, yet standing out from competitors.

How can HUBERT® help?

Unlike most companies, we don’t have a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to POP Displays. Do you have a particular vision in mind? Working first hand with our industrial design department and professional engineer, we can take your initial sketch, thought, or idea and transform this into a custom POP Display just for you. No idea is too big or small—we believe that just as each business is vastly different, each POP Display should exclusively reflect your business’s brand and unique shopping journey for customers.

Or, maybe custom just isn’t for you. If you’re looking for an effective POP Display from one of our many collections that’s readily available, here’s a few popular solutions:

Food Samples
Interactive sample stands

Sample stations assist customers in learning more about the products, and also create a more welcoming, appealing atmosphere. These factors motivate and entice customers into more impulse buys.

Farmers Crate Stand
Vertical displays

Demand attention with this Portable Farmer’s Crate Display. With its 4-tier vertical design, you can effectively merchandise multiple items while optimizing valuable floor space. Cross-merchandise with complementary items to encourage impulse purchases.

Food Samples
Impulse bins

The name says it all. Easily transferrable, position Impulse Bins next to checkout counters, on aisle ends, and cross merchandise with compatible items.

Create an even more eye-catching display with one of our featured bundles, complete with promotional sign cards and holders.


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