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Give your guests the experience they’re hungry for. Engage their senses with strategically selected color, décor, texture, landscaping and communication, all while keeping in mind the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. These display components work together to increase the perceived value of your food and elevate the customer experience. We’ll show you how.

Six Elements of Merchandising in a deli case


What are the 6 Key Elements of Visual Merchandising?

Buying decisions are made 3-4 feet from a display. Knowing this, what steps can you take to draw your customers in to make a purchase? By proactively merchandising your display according to our six elements of visual merchandising, you will create a presentation that will capture customers’ attention, translate into increased sales and create a total shopping experience for the consumer. At Hubert, our experience is providing the right tools and techniques to be more successful. With these proven concepts and innovative products, you can build beautiful cases, tempting displays, and create a clean, comfortable experience that keeps customers coming back.


Expressly Hubert Round Stainless Steel Pedestal Risers


Increase interest in your display by landscaping, or manipulating the shape, form and elevation. Using various heights and unique shapes, you can determine the focus and flow of the display.

HUBERT Matte Black Melamine Textured Bowl


Attract attention and create a “feel” to your display with various textures, or surface appearances.

Expressly Hubert Round Black Metal Basket


Set the mood, attract attention or even make a strategic statement with color. When used correctly, it can be one of the most powerful elements of visual merchandising.

Gold Metal Lanterns


Elevate the effectiveness of your display with interesting décor. Crates, vases and other props can double as containers to increase the perceived value of your foods.

Risch Wood Counter Easel With Removable Chalk Panel


Communicate with the customer and guide them through a display with strategically placed signage. Select styles that support your theme or reinforce your brand, such as weathered, hand-written chalkboards for a rustic display.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleanliness & Sanitation

Customers are more likely to shop with a business that visibly looks clean, safe, and trustworthy. In the food industry, nothing turns a customer away faster than food cases and displays that look dirty, unkept, and most importantly—unsafe to eat.

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Ideas & Inspiration

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