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Every detail of your store is vital for your customer’s shopping experience. While store layouts have changed to add more social distancing and follow updated guidelines, merchandising is still one of the biggest contributors to a customer’s buying decisions. Adjusting the way you present product can increase the perceived value of your items and provide an amazing experience.

While shopping behaviors change over the years, the ‘rustic’ and ‘fresh-from-the-market’ appeal that bushel baskets offer will always make them a popular go-to product for food retailers. Along with adding a quaint country charm, these baskets are also a brilliant selling tool—whether you choose to use a countertop display, a floor model or simply use the bushel baskets alone.

Grocery stores, supermarkets and farmers markets have been using bushel baskets, also known as peck baskets, to display their produce for years. The rustic wood design adds a little country appeal to the display and can even be spaced in your store to socially distance your shoppers further apart from one another.

However, harvest baskets are not only functional for merchandising produce. They are becoming increasingly popular for a broad spectrum of purposes. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few idea starters for incorporating bushel baskets into your store:

christmas basket


The holiday season is the prime time for giving, and nothing adds that extra touch of charm like a bushel basket. This festive season, make your store the place to go for last minute gift ideas. Old-time bushel baskets are perfect for creating pre-made gift baskets filled with holiday warmth, and make it easier for shoppers to find everything they need.

Here is a popular go-to holiday basket idea: Pack a peck basket full of coffee, a fun oversized coffee mug and flavored syrups. Add a few gourmet cookies to top it off and you have a gift that is sure to please any coffee lover. Christmas treats and sweets are also right at home in our decorative chipwood baskets. Or, simply load one of our red and green bushel baskets full of fruit, stick on a bow and you’ve got the perfect holiday gift for busy on-the-go shoppers.

popular products


Bushel baskets are an easy and aesthetic way to make your store the one-stop-shop for all shopper needs. Setting up bushel baskets with the most popular items of the month and in-demand top sellers is a quick way to make things far easier for your shoppers, which will keep them coming back for more.


Every season offers a chance for a brand new theme in your store. Tap into the holiday spirit with Christmas themed displays to get customers in the shopping mood. Introducing new elements to the shopping experience changes the energy of the entire store. Studies have shown that decorating for the holidays creates a positive feeling in customers—they are happier and likely to spend more time inside your store. Bushel baskets, or farm baskets, correspond well with seasonal themed sales and immediately bring a rustic feel to your display. Add embellishments like hanging snowflakes, or any other types of festive décor we offer.

popcorn in bushel basket


One popular theme incorporating bushel baskets is a popcorn bar. Fill bushel baskets, also known as apple baskets, with popcorn and allow guests to personalize it by selecting seasonings. For sanitation reasons, if you are more comfortable having an employee fill customized baskets for shoppers, that’s a popular solution, too. The ability to pick and choose allows customers to feel a sense of discovery, and never under estimate the power of shopper engagement on purchase decisions.

Whether allowing shoppers to safely help themselves or having an employee assist, be sure to pair the baskets with scoops so guests can serve themselves, along with touchless gloves to reduce the spread of germs. Don’t forget to offer packaging options like these cello bags in various sizes to accommodate the needs of your shoppers.

taffy in bushel basket


Bushel baskets are a sweet way to exhibit bulk candy, as the natural wood baskets look great filled to the brim with your most popular packaged and wrapped candy. Bulk nuts are another popular snack that would look great displayed in peck baskets. For sanitation reasons, make sure to pair the baskets with tongs or scoops for easier accessibility, and touchless products for less cross contamination.


The rustic wood design of bushel baskets is perfect for fall bouquets, beautiful spring arrangements or festive centerpieces. No matter what the occasion, bushel baskets are sure to delight. Here’s a top pick for floral displays.

gardening bushel basket


In-store merchandising and point-of-purchase displays play a crucial role influencing purchasing decisions. We’ve done extensive research on the topic, and when done properly, can really increase your sales.

Bushel baskets provide an optimal impulse or cross-merchandising solution, whether you are running a sale or looking to move more of an item. False bottoms can be used to create a display that appears to be full, and will decrease shrinkage while maximizing sales. Half round farmers market baskets are also available, which are designed to hang on a wall or sit on a countertop so the product cascades out and creates a spilled over effect.

stacked bushel baskets


Bushel baskets are a helpful, easy-to-access storage solution for any setting. They are great for tucking into corners or storing on shelves. Plus, they are nestable to save space when not in use. We like this option as it’s one of our larger baskets for maximum storage. Last, don’t forget about labels for easy identification.

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