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10 Products Found in Every Successful Cannabis Commercial Kitchen

The emerging cannabis industry continues to expand at an aggressive pace. Some time ago, the thought of legal recreational or medical cannabis was unthinkable. Start planting your roots within the evolving industry with a full-service commercial cannabis kitchen!

Hubert's broad selection of commercial kitchen supplies provides key solutions for entrepreneurs throughout the cultivation, production and retail stages. Learn how the below tools can help organize a successful cannabis operation.

disposable gloves

1. Disposable Gloves

Throughout every step of the Cannabis production and cultivation stages you'll want to wear a pair of gloves to keep your flowers, edibles and other goods free from contamination. Find lightly-powdered and powder-free options along with glove storage accessories in our wide assortment online!

kitchen scales

2. Scales

Like all kitchens, ingredients must be properly measured for tasty results. Choose from our wide assortment of reliable scales to ensure an authentic and natural end product.

drying rack

3. Drying Racks & Sheet Pans

A mobile sheet pan rack provides a vertical growing solution for storing flowers or buds during the curing, harvesting and transportation processes. Utilize our versatile sheet pans, along with the vertical rack, throughout the cultivation and production stages to securely store any cannabis.

work tables

4. Stainless Steel Work Tables

The most beneficial kitchen accessory sits below all of your utensils and equipment. Providing your establishment with a reliable, stainless steel work table will make production much easier throughout every stage. Our tables are designed to withstand the wear and tear of all commercial kitchens. Utilize your work table during the prep, trimming and packaging phases.

utility carts

5. Utility Carts

Transportation is a must within any commercial kitchen. Our versatile utility carts allow for increased efficiencies and work flow processes during the cultivation and production stages. Use to transport bulk quantities of products in a matter of minutes.


6. Storage Shelving

Vertical shelving offers a quick solution for maximizing cultivation and inventory storage spaces within your existing facility. Going vertical not only doubles your work space but it also create a more productive workflow by keeping ingredients organized, making them easy to find.

containers & lids

7. Food storage containers & Lids

Commercial-grade storage containers and lids are a great option for storing small or bulk quantities of buds and other ingredients. Their air tight seal keeps contents fresh and free from contamination. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors to find a fit that meets your needs.


8. Labels

From inventory date labels to shelving identification labels, Hubert has them all! Proper labeling not only helps keep products and supplies properly organized but they also help staff easily find necessary supplies.

security cart

9. Security Cart

Are you lacking vault security? Is floor space limited? If so, a mobile security cabinet is your go to solution for safety organizing and storing your finished cannabis goods. Protect again theft while saving floor space thanks to the vertical design.

poly bags & sealer

10. Poly Bag Sealer & Poly Bags

All of production ends with packaging. Our re-sealable black opaque bags have a gloss finish to keep contents out of sight, making them ideal for cannabis manufacturers. Use a poly bag sealer to heat seal the top closure and the tear tab design to ensure product isn't tampered with.