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The hospital staff you serve is on the front lines. They are constantly hounded by people in and out of work about what they can do to stay safe. Like them, you know that simple precautions will help prevent further spread of the disease.

Simple tasks like increased cleaning of surfaces, washing hands more frequently, and limiting contact with objects that other people could use, will make the biggest impact over the long run. Fortunately, your existing Grab-and-Go meals are the perfect way to offer food that is fresh and healthy, while meeting the new and stringent guidelines for disease prevention.

Communication is Key

Keeping the communication flowing is one of the most important steps in tackling any crisis. Your ability to communicate the steps being taken will provide transparency and order.

Is your salad bar closed? Do you have any limits to how many people can wait in line at a time? Do you want to keep people 6 feet apart?

That’s Great! And here’s how we can help!

Packaging and Portioning

With your made-to-order station and salad bars closed, your options are limited on how to get food to the hospital staff. The good news is that you already have a plan to provide Grab-and-Go solutions. By using your existing cold food cases and warmers you can provide healthy and nutritious complete meals in pre-packaged, sealed containers.

Your single-use, meal bags and containers are perfect for providing fresh, high-quality meals with limited contact. These are perfect for everything from salads and cold-cut sandwiches, to soup bowls and bread. Just pick your containers and go.

Healthcare Sales

We're here to help you take care of the doctors and nurses who take care of everyone else. These Grab-and-Go Meal Bags are a great place to start!

If you haven't found the solution you are looking for, call one of our industry-leading customer service representatives. They can help with many solutions including the latest trends in patient meal delivery, additional racks, carts and serveware, portable sinks, sanitation items, and much more!

Great customer service—they even know my name when I call to place an order. Very, very friendly team.

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