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Ending Childhood Hunger in Schools

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Every day in classrooms nationwide, students are struggling to get the nourishment they need to thrive. With nearly 13 million children facing hunger and food insecurities daily, HUBERT® quickly joined the effort to reduce hunger within our schools. HUBERT® Share Carts are a low-cost solution that encourages students to drop off unwanted food for other classmates to pick up free of charge.

What Does "Facing Hunger" Mean?

Facing hunger can mean different things:

  • No food in the house and no money to buy food
  • There's food in the house, but not enough to last through the end of the month – meaning kids are skipping meals or not getting the portions they need

Whatever the situation, children who don't have access to three healthy meals a day are more likely to have problems in school and other social situations.

39% of children

39% of students surveyed have experienced some form of food insecurity

24% of children

24% of students surveyed reported that their physical health was affected from being food insecure

93% of children

93% of teachers agree that hungry children are more disruptive in class

What Can Schools Do to Help?

In a nation with plenty of food, no child should go hungry. Thankfully, there's a solution – school cafeteria "Share Tables" or "Share Carts" - that can reach every school-aged child. They're proven to work, and if we can bring them to every school across the country, kids will be happier and healthier.

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What is a School Cafeteria 'Share Table'?

The Share Table concept is as clear-cut as it sounds. Students simply place their unwanted food and beverages on the table instead of trashing them. This gives hungry students the opportunity to take additional helpings of food or beverages from the table at no additional cost.

What Can Be Placed on the Share Table?

Pre-packaged or unopened wrapped food and beverages. For examples:

Unopened cereal bars, cheese sticks, yogurt, crackers and milk

Wrapped whole fruits and vegetables

Unwrapped whole fruits with an inedible peel (ex. oranges or bananas)

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What is a 'Share Cart'?

HUBERT® Share Carts are a low-cost mobile option that allows you to easily relocate your share station to best optimize foot traffic in your cafeteria. Hungry students will appreciate the easy access to extra food. And since the contents are free to all students, there isn't a stigma attached to it - giving them the food they need without the added pressure of worrying if their classmates noticed.

Key Features of the HUBERT® Share Cart

  • Casters make it easy to transport from storage area to the lunch room
  • Low-profile design allows students of all ages to reach contents inside
  • Chilled bins for cold food items
  • Colorful graphics draw attention to your share program

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Donating Share Cart Left Overs

Many schools are taking their HUBERT® Share Cart leftovers and donating them to local non-profit organizations. Learn more here!

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