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It’s finally time. Your hard work has paid off and your business is finally ready to grow. You’re financially ready to make that next step to a new space, but first, there are a few questions you need to answer. Have you considered how your brand should be reflected in your expansion project? What’s your business expansion strategy? A bigger business means a bigger kitchen, so how are you going to include efficient commercial kitchen equipment to fit your new space? What are your “nice to haves” vs. “need to haves”? A business expansion is more than just knocking down walls or moving into a new location. Kitchen equipment upgrades should be included in any business expansion, and an opportunistic strategic plan will help your business expansion go smoothly.

A Business Expansion Strategy Includes Upgrades

Business Strategy

When you’re planning for a business expansion, you should also consider making commercial kitchen equipment upgrades. If you are expanding your business in-house, as opposed to moving into a new location, this is a great time to consider incorporating more cost-effective equipment that will save you money in the long run. Although you may not have the flexibility of moving into a bigger kitchen, in-house updates in your existing kitchen like purchasing newer units and appliances can save you more time, improve your workflow, and enhance your existing food quality.

When you start your planning process, think about some more costly items that could use an upgrade like commercial ranges and refrigeration units. Products like these should be top of mind since they can end up costing far more on energy usage, and can even affect overall food quality. As a business with proven success with financial growth and building a loyal customer base, these are two qualities you certainly don’t want to compromise.

Commercial Cooking at its Finest

Imagine this—you want to update your drink menu. Rather than your typical drinks, you want to include a new, trendy smoothie line. However, this isn’t feasible with your current beverage equipment—your fruity concoction is made with lumps, bumps and uncrushed ice, and in the end—served to an unsatisfied, disappointed customer. When expanding your business, you’re aiming to bring a new flavor and modernized appeal, all while staying true to your brand that your customers have grown to love. To avoid lumps and bumps in the road, (like the smoothie incident), consider making upgrades to even the most overlooked commercial cooking equipment to serve up the same high quality dishes that your customers expect, while also exciting them with surprising new tasty menu items.

Commercial cooking gets better and tastier when the units used to prepare the food are running at optimum speeds. Often, older kitchen equipment can become unreliable which translates to inaccurate cooking times and uneven cooking or baking. Food that used to taste great consistently now tastes bland or just different than it used to. Once this starts to occur, it’s a slippery slope. You need efficient commercial kitchen equipment that matches the needs of your growing business so that it can continue you to grow with great success! Curious on where your equipment is in it’s lifecycle? Take a look here to find out.

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Give Your Commercial Cooking Equipment a Facelift

Business expansion often means moving to a larger commercial space, which means serving more customers, and in end, hiring more employees to fill these needs. Due to an overall increase in business, real estate, and staff, every owner wants their kitchen to run more efficiently with less down time. There are big shoes to fill with all of these heightened expectations, so it’s imperative to incorporate commercial cooking equipment capable of getting the job done. As your business expands, the needs of your commercial kitchen change, and it is imperative that you meet those growth demands. For more secrets to improving overall food quality and kitchen efficiency, we advise you take a look here at our recommendations.

A famous quote from Benjamin Franklin states, “A place for everything, everything in its place.” This quote rings very true for commercial cooking. When everything is organized properly, less time is wasted, and food is prepared and cooked more efficiently. So, design needs to be part of the process and current kitchen designs don’t always lend well to kitchen equipment of years’ past. Consider efficient equipment when you start working on your commercial cooking facelift. When it comes to being a successful, growing company—make sure you look the part. Ready to make that step forward with your business? We’ve created a project tool which curates equipment just for you based uniquely on everything from your specific industry to the size of your kitchen. Interested? Give the EQWIP Recommendation Tool a shot here, for free.

Elevate Your Brand During Your Kitchen Expansion

Your food reflects your brand. It stands out just as much as your logo and décor. Food quality is dependent on how efficient your commercial kitchen is, so when you’re looking to expand your business, keep in mind how you plan to not only upgrade your space, but also upgrade your brand. Consider your expansion as a unique opportunity to also update your menu to something just as fresh and new as your space.

When your business starts to grow, how does your brand handle that expansion? Does the commercial kitchen slow down because it can’t meet the needs of your growth? If so, think about how adding efficient commercial kitchen equipment can lessen the burden on an overworked kitchen. Even small changes can reap big rewards and help your brand grow alongside your ever-growing business.

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