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A Plan Geared Towards Moving Forward

For over seven decades, HUBERT® has been a leading provider of solutions in hospitality. In the past few weeks, we’ve turned our attention to crafting a plan of strategic suggestions, precautionary steps, and product solutions to ensure your staff, operations and guests are better prepared for changes in the industry. Our insights are carefully collected from every corner of the industry—from notable leaders like Hotel Association of Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada and the FDA, as well as gathered on a personal level—directly from our loyal customers.

The HUBERT® CHARGE Action Plan outlines four initiatives for the hospitality industry, and follows with strategic solutions for implementing these guidelines.

Employee safety

Reopening your doors, you’ll notice there are many new expected sanitary standards to be met. While employee health and safety has always been set at a high standard for you, it’s time to exceed expectations, and offer your employees an even safer workplace.

  • It is recommended to allow any employee wishing to wear a face mask to do so. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, masks need to be changed frequently to provide proper protection. HUBERT® offers in-bulk quantities of PPE suggested below to make this possible.
  • For employees with daily roles working face-to-face with guests, safety shields are a quick and essential product solution to use at front desks, registers, and anywhere else you want to create a safe protected space for employees. HUBERT® provides different shapes and sizes for the best fit for your environment.
  • Touchless, automatic products for foodservice operations within your hotel also help to limit the spread of germs, and can reinforce the urgency behind many new practices (like wearing gloves) as your staff adjusts to new protocols.
  • It’s essential that employees working each day are healthy and symptom free. Proactively ensure the health of your staff through precautionary measures. Depending on provinve, territiry or local regulations, this may be mandated.

CHARGE Product Recommendations:

Consider this: As new regulations and laws may arise, stay up-to-date through local health websites, along with informative industry experts—like us!
Credit: Public Health Agency of Canada
Customer Safety

Hospitality experts have always specialized in making guests feel comfortable and safe. Now, it’s time to take that one step further with more strategic options in safety and cleanliness.

  • Guest health and comfortability begins with increasing the availability of sanitation supplies around your hotel with products like hand sanitizer dispensers and hand wipes. While cleanliness begins with your staff, we strongly recommend also offering disinfecting wipes to your guests to wipe down heavily used items like door knobs, desk bells, elevator buttons, ice machines, and more.
  • According to Hotel Association of Canada and Health Canada guidelines will advise guests practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet apart from other groups of people not traveling with them. Space-saving solutions at check-in like crowd management can make this possible.
  • As more and more guests have started to shift away from the standard meal routine and more towards a safer, grab-n-go alternative—it’s essential that you meet guests’ evolving demand for convenience and cleanliness.
  • For additional peace of mind, reduce in-person contact through room service. This gives guests the choice to stay within the comforts of their own room, while also spreading fewer germs than buffets and in-hotel restaurants and bars.

CHARGE Product Recommendations:

Hydra Wipes

Hydra Rinse Single Use Wipes

CHARGE Initiatives:

Crowd Control

Crowd Management

CHARGE Initiatives:

Grab N Go

Grab And Go Breakfast Products

CHARGE Initiatives:

Consider this: Do you have the new standard of grab-and-go products available for the increase in guests who now prefer a quicker, on-the-go breakfast?


Credit: Hotel Association of Canada
Cleaning and Sanitizing

Far more than any other industry, hotels have always lived up to high expectations in terms of cleanliness, luxury, and comfortability. Here are a few necessary steps to make your business a place that guests will once again resort to for a clean, up-scale retreat.

  • During a time with heightened emphasis on food and public sanitation, plan to increase your budget on cleaning supplies. Adopt a new “all hands on deck” approach, along with trainings with your staff to truly make sure food safety and guest comfortability measures are met at every corner of your hotel.
  • Maintenance and housekeeping will expect longer, more thorough hours of cleaning rooms, along with more guest requests for deep cleaning. Portable wandstations as featured below are expected to be a go-to for requests like this, as this unit’s flexibility and efficiency reduces the labor costs associated with the manual cleaning process.
  • Refine all your previously laid-out cleaning procedures—from in-room cleaning methods to public areas. High-touch items like water faucet handles and dining table surfaces to laundry linens and employee equipment all need to be rethought and improved. For cleaning in every corner of your hotel, we have designed a collection of mobile sanitizing carts to get you started on your way to creating a clean and disinfected place to work and stay.

CHARGE Product Recommendations:

Consider this: Cleaning products are now expected to include certain disinfectants that meet Health Canada requirements. For this reason, HUBERT® works hard to offer you top-quality, regulated products that you can feel safe using.


Credit: Hotel Association of Canada
Communication and Education

Signage is a non-obtrusive yet prominent way to remind everyone—from guests to staff—to practice sanitary guidelines and keep safe distances.

  • Hand washing signage in bathrooms and back-of-house is an effective way to regularly remind employees to frequently wash their hands, especially during busy times when it might not be top of mind.
  • For front of house, PPE directions are encouraged to be placed at high-traffic areas such as the lobby area (at a minimum), showing the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks. As many mask and face shield options are rapidly changing, we recommend our blank signage to easily update with new protocols as you go.
  • As previously stated, new Hotel Association of Canada and Health Canada guidelines will recommend 6 feet between groups travelling. At checkout desks and in busy lobbies, floor markers and crowd control signage are a great way to gently remind your guests of these regulations.

CHARGE Product Recommendations:

Consider this: While signage dealing with sanitation and cleanliness is important, don’t lose sight of the signs that were helpful before—think directional signage, hotel layouts, and valet info.
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