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Coffee always has, and always will be a crucial offering in your hotel. While the hospitality industry is always changing and adjusting to new guest needs and expectations, we have the products to create a quick, clean and safe experience so your guests can always help themselves to a cup of joe.

Post COVID-19, coffee drinking still continues to rise1

Hands-Free Options

Stainless Steel Hands Free Spigot Adapter

HUBERT® Stainless Steel Hands Free Spigot Adapter


2 out of 3:

Number of people who prefer having at least one cup of coffee each day 2

Bold Solutions

Individually Wrapped Stir Sticks

Black Plastic Individually Wrapped Stir Sticks

Guests prefer the paper cup option for on-the-go coffee and sanitary reasons

Well-Grounded Serving

Hot/Cold Paper Cup

PerfecTouch® 12 oz Hot/Cold Paper Cup


3 Cups

The Average Coffee Drinker Has Around 3 Cups A Day 3

Quick & Easy

Condiment Organizer

Cal-Mil Classic Collection Adjustable Condiment Organizer

Re-Energizing Your Coffee Stations Starts Here

HUBERT® has seasoned experts with years of experience in remodeling and redesigning coffee stations to create a unique experience for your guests.

Coffee Station

Coffee Station

A quality cup of coffee is one of the first things many travelers set out to find. Keep guests inside the hotel by providing a better coffee experience day and night.

Cold Brew Coffee Station

Cold Brew Coffee Station

A growing number of guests are enjoying the less caffeinated, less acidic pick-me-up offered by cold brew coffee. These brews are especially popular during hot summer months and in cities located in warmer climates.

Pop-Up Coffee Station

Pop-Up Coffee Station

Pop-up stations have become a popular option for high-traffic breakfast times. Provide a coffeehouse-like atmosphere inviting guests to taste delicious, premium coffee blends and an opportunity to socialize with friends, family and other guests.


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