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Hubert Food Retail

Thank you for joining us at IDDBA 2018!

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You bought the food. Now how do you sell it?

Our experts assisted IDDBA with merchandising their food.
We can help you too!

Take a look a Hubert's display in action at the show. Watch the video!

Hubert's expert consultants can work with you to:

Increase Sales Per Square Foot

The food retail landscape is changing. Traditional grocery stores are moving to smaller formats. At the same time, consumers are continually asking for more fresh and convenient food options. Supermarkets — along with small-format retailers such as convenience stores — have increased their fresh and prepared food selections.

With space becoming more limited and offerings becoming more complex, retailers are looking for ways to meet shoppers’ fresh and fast expectations without sacrificing quality, food integrity and profit — all within a limited footprint. Our expert consultants will show you how to use your physical space more efficiently and increase your sales per square foot by using the optimal equipment, processes and merchandising strategies.

  • Customers who refresh their sets on a regular basis see increased sales over previous months
  • The increase in sales after a reset often pays for the expense of the reset in 2 to 4 weeks
  • We’ve seen an average increase in departmental sales of 10% to 25% over same time frame previous year and/or previous month

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Engage Customers

Shopping isn’t simply about purchasing product for today’s consumers. It’s about experiences and whether it provides entertainment value — a learning encounter about a specific product or exploring new flavors for the first time. Sales and reward programs may get customers through the door, but they don’t create the emotional connections that drive long-term profits and loyalty. Shoppers form strong emotions about your store based on their experiences and those emotions will strongly influence their buying decisions. Our market experts have the tactics and strategies to attract shoppers and satisfy their appetite for engagement, convenience and the food experiences they crave.

Create the "Wow" Factor

With the seemingly endless number of competitors out there, it’s more important than ever to have an up-to-date merchandising strategy to convert and gain new customers. Merchandising is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal to make your food stand out from the competition. When done right, your store can become a space where shoppers can engage their senses with the products offered and elevate the customer experience to a whole new level. Our expert consultants have the tips, tricks and advice you need to maximize the "wow" factor of your store environments.

Facilitate Project Management

Whether it’s a new store opening, remodel or large program introduction, our market specialists are here to help simplify the process. From conceptualization to implementation, we’ll make sure your projects happen on time, within budget and exactly how you envisioned it.

Missed the chance to meet with us at the show? Schedule a consultation now!

Take a look at Hubert's display in action at IDDBA this year!

Missed the chance to meet with us at the show? Schedule a consultation now!

Food Retail Sales Team