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For foodservice providers looking for that extra uptick in sales-or just an easy way to attract new customers into your business-signage is the perfect place to start. This infographic will walk you through data-driven reasons to use signage, along with helpful links to our most popular signage products to get started.


Why Use Signage?

From your storefront to menu items, signage plays an important role in how you communicate to your customers.

Signage Statistics

Signs not only increase customers, but they also boost sales and employee engagement.

  • 8 out of 10 people will visit a store they've never been in before based on its signs
  • 67% of consumers will buy a product simply because the sign caught their eye
  • 4x more employee engagement is noted in businesses with helpful signage for workers

Benefits of Great Signage


  • Customers more likely to try new items
  • Better brand recognition
  • Customer referrals to friends
  • Better in-store experience


  • Labor costs
  • Customer complaints
  • Returned products or food orders

Interested in Updating Your Signs?

Businesses reported a 10% increase in sales after updating their signage.

Types of Signage to Consider

  1. Digital Signage
  2. Outdoor Signage
  3. Directional Signage
  4. Promotional Signage
  5. Health and Safety Signage

How Retail Signage Works and Why You Should Care
Statistics On How Signs Can Increase Customers

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