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A Complete Solution to Serving Students

What if we told you it was possible to offer mobile pre-ordering for students and parents while planning menus, creating production records, and tracking cost and participation all in one tool? With Choosi Mobile Pre-ordering and CNCentral, you can! CNCentral's menu solution allows menu planners to establish menus, offer mobile pre-ordering, and track pre- and post-production data quickly and easily. Through the customer pre-ordering and menu viewing portal, Choosi, students and parents get the quick-service experience they demand, while menu planners and food service staff ensure contactless delivery methods using HUBERT® products for packaging and classroom meal delivery. It's a fully robust, flexible solution to a complex and ever-changing problem.

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Grab-and-Go Evolved

The trend of grab-and-go meals has increased in popularity year over year. School meals, in particular, have benefitted from this growing trend. With Choosi and CNCentral, grab-and-go has evolved into an extremely powerful tool for providing school meals to students. School breakfasts and school lunches now have the flexibility to have exactly the right meals ready. It's like a crystal ball for your kitchen.

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Meal Preparation and Delivery Product recommendations:

Consider this: Using color-coded bins on classroom carts can help differentiate between special orders, classrooms, or even temperature sensitive meals.

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Safety and Waste Management

The Choosi Pre-ordering Application allows your operation to drastically decrease person to person exposure to contaminants and airborne illnesses, keeping staff and students safe. The ability to pre-order meals allows for more accurate planning and production, cutting down on food waste and saving you money. When you streamline planning, ordering, and production, and empower staff to respond to demand quickly and effectively, there is a dramatic, undeniable impact on your meal services.


Following the Data

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of using CNCentral's data-driven solution is that the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. As more and more data is fed into the system, the feedback you get out of it is more complete. The students at your school are creative, unique, and individual. Monitoring their patterns will help you tailor meal programs to their taste.

Even more than the impact that this data has on the participation in your meal program, the integrated analytics reports built in to CNCentral will help you to leverage food quality ratings, nutrient information, and cost; Using powerful metrics you can easily guide future decisions.

A Partnership for the Future of K-12 Meal Programs

This joint venture between inTEAM and HUBERT® is solely focused on proving a complete solution to help usher education professionals into the future of meal service in K-12. By leveraging the strengths of inTEAM's data driven solution and the HUBERT® education division experts, we were able to provide what we feel is the best, and only, end-to-end solution to help feed students.

As always at HUBERT®, we are here to help address real challenges and make a difference. Please contact us for new ideas, trends, and solutions for today, tomorrow, and into the future

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