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Charcuterie has been around for a long time, but recently, the underwater version of the delicacy has been making waves. So much so that grocery stores are swapping out fatty pork for the catch of the day. Seafood bites like salmon pastrami, swordfish prosciutto, tuna and "sea-lami" are making their way onto serving platters, and it's making a big impression on consumers.

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Seafood Display
Stainless Steel Pans


Customizable Stainless Steel Pans Straight-sided stainless steel pans utilize case capacity, while giving you the look and functionality you need to improve productivity. However, standard sizes can act as a limiter to new product ideas and increased efficiencies. We understand that creating unique merchandising displays sometimes requires custom solutions. We have the ability to work directly with you to design a custom pan solution with no minimum order requirements and a 2-3 week turnaround time.

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Spice Station Consumers are increasingly gravitating to bold, adventurous flavors to enliven daily meals. Spice up your selection with a seasoning station that inspires shoppers to try new cuts of meat. We have everything you need to create a spice station that accommodates a variety of seasoning blends. Go a step further by offering recipes to provide meal solutions and build long-term loyalty.

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Spice Station

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