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[Download Free PDF]: Hubert Case Study: Micro Market at John Carroll University

John Carroll University Turned to Hubert for Their Dining Hall Renovation Needs

The grab-and-go options in the dining hall were literally falling apart, and the setup up of the food stands was resulting in increasing amounts of theft.

Jason Brust, Senior General Manager at Parkhurst Dining, was searching for the right solution to prepare for the dining hall renovations. Having tried a few different product solutions that didn't live up to the hype—the university turned to Hubert to complete their dining hall renovations and implement a micro market that has been a smashing success.

Access the full case study video below to hear Jason's review, learn more about product solutions, and see the impact that the micro market had on dining hall profits.

Additionally—you can download our free PDF detailing the Micro Market Case Study done at John Carroll University to learn more.

Download PDF:

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