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Haste makes waste. Three simple words, and literally billions of dollars later, as a planet we’re at a crossroads of needing to address the issue of food waste and take steps to a greener planet, starting in food retail.

How Food Waste is a Global Issue, Right in Our Own Backyards

We’ve all been there. Cleaning out the inside of our refrigerator at home, purging the shelves of expired product and emptying the produce bin of spoiled and forgotten fruits and vegetables. Now, imagine the magnitude of this in a food retail environment. These are very unsettling numbers, and the issue of food waste in both the United States and Canada something that not only needs to be addressed but implemented — immediately.

In the United States

  • About $160 billion worth of food goes to waste annually
  • Over 1.3 billion pounds of food is thrown away
  • This is the single biggest occupant in U.S. landfills

In Canada

  • About $49 billion worth of food goes to waste annually
  • Over 31 million pounds of food is thrown away
  • This is enough food to feed everyone in Canada for five months straight
Map of United Stated and Canada

How To Increase Profit Margins While Decreasing Waste

It’s our job to take a challenging dilemma like food waste and turn it into a lucrative opportunity. While it’s our main initiative to work towards beneficial solutions for the environment, that doesn’t mean we also can’t find strategic paybacks for your sales along the way. Read on for cost-saving solutions, tactful alternatives, and innovative products to increase sales and decrease waste.

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4 Product Solutions for Reducing Food Waste and Increasing Sales

Besides back of house operations resulting in shrink, it’s no secret that consumer habits also play a crucial role in the food waste issue. So, we’ve found non-obtrusive ways for front and back of house operations to mitigate spoilage and waste through solution-driven products.

Produce Display Fixtures

About 50% of all produce is thrown out—while it’s still edible. In a time when world hunger is so prevalent, this is a stat that’s truly hard to swallow. Believe us; we understand better than anybody about the significance of visual appeal and why good-looking produce is getting picked up first by shoppers. Sprucing up your produce section with impulse crate stands, pyramid risers, and display tubs can help beautify those neglected fruits and veggies. Keep in mind, although less shiny and perhaps not perfectly shaped, they’re still completely edible products.

Shop Produce Display Fixtures

Products with False Bottoms

Innovatively designed false-bottom lid inserts allow your display bowls to be filled to the brim while throwing out less waste at the end of the day.

Shop False Bottom Products

Airtight Containers

Regardless if you’re a restaurant, a grocery store, or a deli, airtight containers are a must-have for less shrinkage and cost-savings. While plastic wraps and foils seem like a cheap, convenient alternative, airtight containers lock out all elements, keeping food and ingredients fresher for longer.

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Recycling Bins

Although it seems a likely solution, what if we told you recycling bins can also increase sales? The average person generates over four pounds of trash every day, so having waste receptacles readily available throughout stores and markets not only helps the environment, but also serves towards a more convenient shopping journey. Also a back of house necessity, recycling bins assist in properly disposing of cans, papers and bottles.

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Portion Controlled Products

Besides just making sure the right amount of ingredients are going into each product for the perfect taste, portion controlled products like scales, control spoons, and measuring cups save money through using exact measurements. No more, no less.

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HUBERT®’s Environmentally Friendly Products

It’s our goal to work towards a cleaner planet, so we’re always aiming to make a difference in any way that we can. In an effort to offer green food packaging supplies and help your cost-savings, we supply a variety of products.

HUBERT® has all your basic eco-friendly solutions like:

For all other environmentally friendly food packaging products, check out our eco-friendly solutions page.


Common Questions on Food Waste and How to Reduce

  • As long as the supplies will stay fresh enough, cook your products into grab and go options, healthy prepared meals, soups, and more.
  • For less attractive or overly-ripe fruits and vegetables, create a pop-up clearance section with produce bins
  • Pay it forward. Donate to shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, and other local charities. Curious about the process of donating? It’s easy; just see our next point on how to go about this.

Many food retailers are very open-minded to taking steps to greener initiatives through donating product, they just don’t know how. Along with the fear of lawsuits and how to properly donate, there’s already a law set in place to make these efforts possible. Check out the Food Donation and Civil Liabilities in Canada for everything you need to know about food donation

We all know plastic in food retail is a hot topic. Many have heard the trend of “biopackaging” is rising in an effort to decrease plastic usage, and in short, biopackaging is packaging made of renewable resources which are compostable in an effort to make a smaller environmental footprint. Here’s a few of our bio-friendly products we recommend to forward this initiative:

  • Clear Biodegradable Tug and Tote Bags – Rather than traditional plastic, these are easily recycled, eco-friendly tote bags which can be implemented in product sections, in nut/candy scoop bins, and more.
  • TreeSaver Products – Made from totally renewable natural resources, this product series is made from bagasse paper, wheat straw and other agricultural by-products. The TreeSaver series offers everything from compartment trays to oval bowls. Take a look at the full series for yourself.
  • For all other sustainable solutions, visit our eco-friendly products page.

Whether you’re a food manufacturer or a supermarket, the solution stays consistent when it comes to food waste. Here’s what we recommend. Rather than taking up more space in the already over-crowded landfills, try composting. Composting helps you pay less for trash pickup, receive tax benefits, and replenish our environment in a healthy way. While services vary by location, click here learn more on Canada’s compost initiatives.

Ready to Join the Fight Against Food Waste?

We’re ready to help. Besides our product solutions suggested above, there are countless other waste-saving products we offer that can be a perfect fit for you. C’mon, let’s talk some trash.