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Residents in your senior living or nursing home facility have likely had to deal with a lot of changes implemented over the past couple of years, as a result of CDC regulations and COVID restrictions, as well as supply chain and labor shortages. Unfortunately, senior living residents are often at a higher risk for COVID-19 and other illnesses, due to the amount of time they spend in close proximity indoors.

Whether you have already made the switch to in-room dining or are in the process of doing so, our mission is to give you the insight, advice, and solutions you need to do it successfully and keep residents safe and happy.

Why are senior living facilities and nursing homes investing in in-room dining? Because this strategy can improve:

  1. Resident safety and health
  2. Standards of food service & quality
  3. Flexibility of mealtimes
  4. Dietary and allergen concerns

How Has COVID-19 Affected Senior Living Dining?

Senior Living Social Distancing

Many senior living and nursing home facilities have had to limit the number of residents they can have in their dining room at a time due to Covid-19 restrictions. In some cases, you may have had to shut your dining room or shared spaces down entirely. While a sense of community may be temporarily missed, your residents don’t have to suffer in terms of the quality of food they get to eat during this difficult time.


Does In-Room Dining Protect Your Residents’ Health?


The simple answer: Yes.

No-contact meal delivery or distanced in-room meal delivery is an excellent way to protect your residents. In addition to protecting them from COVID-19, food restrictions or allergies that may have been a concern in a group setting (think severe peanut allergies) can be avoided by serving meals directly to a resident’s room.

Although it may not be a requirement in every state or county, the CDC has recommended many steps you can take to protect residents living in close quarters, including closing shared spaces, such as dining rooms.


Ensure Resident Safety with In-Room Dining Supplies

Senior Living In Room meals

Whether you’re preparing all of your food in-house, working with a meal partnership service or delivery company, or a combination, having a plan in place is essential. Additionally, you should ensure you have the right supplies on hand to adjust to an in-room dining program.

Items that can help you serve senior living residents more easily in their room include:

Plastic Serving Tray with Handles

Serving trays allow you to easily carry food and for residents to easily eat without having to worry about a big mess to clean up.

  • Lightweight and easy to hold and carry
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Faux wood look for an updated appearance

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Dark Walnut Wood Tray Stand

A tray stand is essential for setting up and delivering multiple orders of food to your residents.

  • Sturdy to support heavy items
  • Attractive design
  • Durable and quality build

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Salt and Pepper Shakers

Offering salt and pepper shakers to residents in their own rooms can cut down on expenses (individual packets) and allow residents to spice their own food.

  • Perfect for individual use
  • Solid glass for heavy-duty use
  • Pleasant design

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Black Plastic Lug

This item is ideal for clearing rooms of used dishes, uneaten food, and any bussing needs. Having multiple lugs makes clean-up easier for your staff.

  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Material designed to resist corrosion
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Also available in a variety of colors

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3-Shelf Multi-Purpose Utility Cart

Whether you are gathering and preparing ingredients, bringing meals to residents, or taking away mess and plates afterwards, having a utility cart cuts down on heavy lifting and labor.

  • Constructed for long-term use
  • Shelves are built to hold heavy items (up to 300 pounds total)
  • Raised ledges for security

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Wrapped Silverware Set

Cut down on labor and cross-contamination by using pre-wrapped silverware sets—his one has a fork, knife, and spoon included.

  • Salt and pepper pack also included
  • High-quality plastic protects silverware
  • Offers added convenience

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