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Using Décor to Increase Social Interactions for Seniors

We understand that there is much more to creating a feeling of comfort than adding décor items to your facility. Residents also have to feel comfortable with the staff and other residents before they will feel as if they are part of the senior living community. But there is still something to be said about simple improvements to décor options and how they impact people in a given place.

cup of coffee

Starting With the Basics

At HUBERT® we believe that design solutions can affect everything from a person's mood to decisions they make during a purchase. The psychology behind user behavior has been the backbone of visual merchandising for as long as it has existed. As we study the science of user behavior, we start to understand how adding visual emphasis to certain design elements can draw people to interact with the environment and, consequently, with each other.

We suggest adding a focal point as a good starting point. To encourage social interactions for the elderly, one possible focal piece could be a coffee bar. But to really add a punch to this idea, be sure to ensure that there are comfortable seating options, where they can sit and talk with others while drinking their coffee.

Think Comfort Over Institutional Decisions

We understand the constraints of budget cuts, but ask yourself if is it more important to save money on tissues or keep your occupancy at an all-time high. Even small decisions to save money can have an impact on user comfort and through that negatively affect your ability to recruit new residents.

At times, senior living facilities can appear very institutional, especially where lighting and decorations are concerned. In many cases, transitioning into a community facility from independent living is more of an emotional strain than a physical one. This strain can have a very real possibility of manifesting itself in the form of depression and isolation. Décor choices should be thought of as opportunities to make your facility feel like home, because it will be home for each of your residents.

But obviously money concerns cannot just be ignored if a senior living facility is to last. After all, it is still a business. In order to thrive, the business is dependent on how effectively new residents are added to maintain occupancy. Simply put, a comforting and welcoming facility encourages residency and keeps the facility full. And a full facility is the best way to keep the balance sheets in the black.


A New Dining Experience

A growing trend in senior living is to provide an enhanced dining experience. Food has been shown to have a tremendous ability to bring people together to socialize and combat the feeling of isolation. In this sense, food serves to nourish the body and mind while acting as a vehicle for driving social interactions.

Fortunately, dining is a perfect opportunity to incorporate more décor items to aid in establishing a high-end feeling of comfort. Special dinnerware can provide a high-end feeling, and beautiful centerpieces like decorative lighting, or other décor items can encourage social interaction by providing something to break-the-ice and get conversations started.

At HUBERT® we specialize in helping to create an engaging and warm environment through visual merchandising solutions. It took years to cultivate industry connections and fine tune effective solutions to improve engagement and drive sales. And now, we want to share our experience with you and help you achieve your goals.

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