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Create a Convenient Shopping Experience

Picture this—we’re living in a perfect food retail world, where sales are booming, shoppers are happy, and foot traffic around the store is always increasing with both new and returning customers. So, what’s the secret ingredient that’s stirring up these successes?

The answer is simple.

The main reason for increased sales, shopper loyalty, and more foot traffic is through providing a convenient shopping experience.


How to Improve Your Shoppers’ In-Store Experience

The process to creating the greatest customer journey all starts with picking the perfect destinations. Click below to get some inspiration of ways to create an immersing and positive shopping experience.

One of the most positive moments shoppers have happens when they come across one thing, while in pursuit of something else.

Why to Start Creating a More Convenient Shopper Experience

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to factors playing into the shopper experience. Based on neuroscience, behavioral psychology, economics, and the overall expectation of shoppers in this current day and age are all a few key factors in shopper satisfaction and retention. It’s both a science and an art to create a shopping journey that’s a tasteful mix of being quick and intuitive, yet also immersing and lucrative—for both the shopper and you. When done right, here’s some statistics reflecting the positive effects of a convenient shopper experience.

9 out of 10 customers decide to return to a store if they enjoy their experience—based on enticing visuals, scents, and even pleasant music playing in the background.
84% of shoppers report that an enjoyable in-store experience plays a key factor in choosing to shop in-store as opposed to online.
75% of consumers say they stay in a store longer if there are components of interaction, visual/sensorial stimulation, and music.
45% of shoppers reported wanting to go back to the same store again if they felt their experience was personalized.

Mood Media “Elevating the Customer Experience: The Impact of Sensory Marketing” January, 2019.

What the Shopping Experience of the Future Looks Like

We know better than anyone, the hot topic in food retail is combating brick and mortar sales vs. e-commerce shopping. Here are six reasons why in-store shopping is still king, and even in the future, will still reign.

A convenient in-store shopping experience provides:


A More Intuitive Experience

Shopping journeys with conveniently placed product throughout the store helps customers easily find what they’re looking for, and prompts them to making other accommodating purchases

A More Personalized Experience

Simply put, personalization is at its best when you’re dealing with other people. Personalization runs far deeper than the detached method which ecommerce typically uses of data crunching

A More Accessible Experience

Food retailers know the preferences of their shoppers and how to implement this into the shopping journey in a seamless fashion

A More Human Experience

Running deep in our psychology, we crave human interaction and choose this time and time again in our shopping experience


A More Meaningful Experience

Shopper loyalty starts when customers feel heard, appreciated, and noticed. A meaningful experience like this occurs when food retailers make a difference to shoppers and realize their wants and needs

A More Immersing Experience

A convenient shopping experience depends on eye-catching products and enticing ways to engage customers with tasting, touching, and feeling product, another element which is far removed from an online experience


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