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Meal Participation

Increase Meal Participation at Your School

As schools strive to promote student health, enhance academic success, and boost revenue, few things matter more than increasing meal participation. Speak to a representative today for a free consultation, call 1-877-276-7773.

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Offer Mobile Feeding

Mobile feeding can increase meal participation rates by 98%, according to the Food Research and Action Center. Tap into this powerful food program by introducing mobile meal carts, insulated bag kits, and more.

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Introduce Grab & Go

Grab & go meal options allow students to fit a healthy meal into their schedule without the need to sit down for a full meal. This is especially convenient for those who miss traditional cafeteria breakfast. Pre-packaged meals also reduce labor needs and allow students to grab meals at their convenience.

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Master the 6 Elements of Food Merchandising

Food merchandising at its most basic level is about making food look good, and convincing students to buy it. Go a little deeper and you'll see it's a combination of great food, visual marketing, and common design principles.

Talk to an expert in food merchandising to leverage proven methods for increasing impulse purchases and meal participation.

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Get Creative with Your Menu

Schools that added smoothie bars to their meal programs saw an average increase in participation rates of 4.6%. Similarly, offering coffee in schools has been found to increase meal participation rates by up to 8%, according to the National Dairy Council.

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Introduce Summer Feeding

Nearly 1 in 7 children in the U.S. are food insecure, and the summer months can be particularly challenging for families who rely on school meals. Although not a top revenue driver, summer feeding programs can improve students' overall health and well-being, as well as be a testing ground for new food programs.

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Improve Awareness of Meal Program Offerings

Poor communication is often a major reason for low meal participation rates in K-12 schools. When parents and students aren't informed about meal programs or do not understand their options, they may be less likely to participate.

Schedule a meeting with an education expert to see how you can improve communication around your meal programs.

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