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Three (Profitable) Top Picks For You

Salad bars have grown to be one of the ripest topics regarding customer safety, and where to go from here. As thought-leaders in the industry, we’ve spoken with our guests and done our own deep dive into research to compile strategic solutions to continue growing your salad bar sales and providing your guests with fresh options.

We’ve compiled our list into three creative solutions:

  1. Utilizing your existing self-serve salad bar
  2. Reconstructing your salad bar into an employee serving station
  3. Recreating your salad bar into a grab and go station

Salad Bar


If you already have a fully functioning salad bar, we’ve hand-picked solutions for your guests to help themselves while also decreasing the transfer of germs. We have found this is a great choice if you think it’s important to your guests to truly have a “hands-on” experience in customizing orders exactly to their liking.


Consider this: Communication is key and crucial to making guests feel safe. Make sure your guests know what to do, and educate them on the process. When first opening salad bars, we recommend keeping an employee there to monitor the area and talk to guests who may have questions or concerns.

Touchless Products:

Salad Bar


Many guests will feel most at-ease if your employees are doing the serving. Having your “aces in their places” will ensure quicker service, while still allowing guests to customize their order and most importantly—encourage health and safety.

Employee Protection:

Individual Hand Wipes

HUBERT® Individual Hand Wipes
SKU# 54556

CHARGE Initiatives:

PPE-Aid Daily Sanitary Kit

Disposable Clear Plastic Face Shield
SKU# 75684

CHARGE Initiatives:

Disposable Face Mask With Ear Loopst

HUBERT® Disposable Face Mask With Ear Loops
SKU# 46018

CHARGE Initiatives:

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves
SKU# 21673

CHARGE Initiatives:


Safety Shields for Serving:

Clear Acrylic Portable Safety Shield

HUBERT® Clear Acrylic Portable Safety Shield
SKU# 63174

CHARGE Initiatives:

Cal-Mil Clear Acrylic Hanging Safety Shield

Cal-Mil Clear Acrylic Hanging Safety Shield
SKU# 57579

CHARGE Initiatives:

Consider this: Spills and drips are inevitable if you are implementing new serving operations. Consider using anti-fatigue mats in these areas to ensure employee safety from slipping.

Containers and Pans:

Carryout Container

3-Section Clear Hinged Carryout Container
SKU# 24419

CHARGE Initiatives:

Salad Bar


The trend of grab and go in hospitality settings is skyrocketing due to its convenience, safety and reliable success. Consider converting your salad bar into a profitable grab and go space. If you’re on the fence about converting, we recommend you take a look at your salad bar sales even before these new standards were in place. Are you making the most out of this space, or is a refresh in order?

Elevator Pans:

Consider this: Chances are, this is brand new to not just your staff, but also your guests. So, we encourage taking it slow and testing these new concepts first. If your space allows, consider offering 2 concepts at the same time, such as grab & go and self-service in same bar to see what guests prefer.



As we continue progressing forward, we want to remind you of the new industry guidelines and creative solutions to implement into your new everyday operations. These guidelines have been compiled by HUBERT® from industry leaders like Kroger and the CDC, as well as loyal customers like you.


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If you have another unforeseen area of your business directly affected by the coronavirus, feel free to reach out to an on-call food service expert—we are here to help. We also encourage those with questions to please email our award-winning customer support team for assistance.

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