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The Coronavirus: Take CHARGE Today

We'll get right to it—in a time this chaotic—and uncertain, we know you have challenges and concerns that are growing day by day. To ease these stressors, we've carefully curated the three part CHARGE Action Plan focusing on customer and staff health and how to recreate a guest experience in response to COVID-19.

In this plan, we'll quickly address food retailer's top-asked questions, problems and offer quick solutions to COVID-19 related issues, all just a click away.


Undeniably the most important topic amidst COVID-19 revolves around health and safety for shoppers and staff. While the growing concern of overall cleanliness in public places arises, it's time for food retailers to not just reach, but exceed sanitary expectations.



Q: My main goal is to create a safe and clean environment for customers and staff. In a chaotic time like this, what's the quickest way to achieve this?

Allowing customers their recommended 6 feet apart from each other can be achieved through implementing an organized system with crowd control options. More space will make everyone feel a little more comfortable.

We also recommend offering sanitation options for shoppers to use upon entering the store, and complimentary gloves to employees who are handling product for improved food safety, or while working directly with customers. Both products will make for a cleaner, more comfortable experience.

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Q: Sanitation is so important right now, so I already have all the essentials. However, what are some of the less thought-of products that food retailers are purchasing during this uncertain time?

Microfiber cloths and other cleaning cloths are selling very quickly. With more cloth, that means more buckets are selling too! We're definitely seeing an “all hands on deck” approach to truly make sure food safety measures are met and stores are clean.

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Q: I've always made sure to follow cleaning regulations and stay up-to-date with best sanitization practices, but I know in a time like right now, my customers and staff expect more than this. What are some products to assist me?

You can never have too many cleaning supplies, especially during a time with such a huge influx in shoppers. Often not thought of, expect floors to get dirtier and more slippery than usual due to heavy foot traffic in and out. Visual appearance is a huge factor to shopper comfortability, so stay on-top of your maintenance supplies.

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If you have another unforeseen area of your business directly affected by the coronavirus, feel free to reach out to an on-call food service expert—we are here to help. We also encourage those with questions to please email our award-winning customer support team for assistance.

We will work through this together, and look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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