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The Coronavirus: Take CHARGE Today

We'll get right to it—in a time this chaotic—and uncertain, we know you have challenges and concerns that are growing day by day. To ease these stressors, we've carefully curated the three part CHARGE Action Plan focusing on customer and staff health and how to recreate a guest experience in response to COVID-19.

In this plan, we'll quickly address food retailer's top-asked questions, problems and offer quick solutions to COVID-19 related issues, all just a click away.

Shopper Convenience & Communication

Convenience and communication are two best practices that when achieved, have always been the key to a successful store. Now, we're taking this one step further considering the new precautions and safety measures necessary for your shoppers to feel at ease, safe, and confident.



Q: What should my store do (first and foremost) to prevent the spread and keep shoppers safe?

Keeping shoppers informed is key. Investing in more signage around stores to keep shoppers in-the-know makes everyone feel a little more confident during such un uncertain time.

With an influx of shoppers, display units are a great way to showcase your products while taking up less space, giving your shoppers more room—a recommended 6 feet apart from each other.

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Q: What can I do to get my shoppers in and out of the store quicker, while still finding the products that they need?

Grab and Go options are in great demand as they offer prepared, ready-to-eat for busy shoppers looking to pick something up, quick.

Dump bins make product easily viewable and accessible for a quick point of purchase solution.

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Q: The store is busier now more than ever—the current shopper flow even surpasses the holiday crowd we've had. What can I do to prepare and manage this rush, while also following health recommendations by the CDC?

Along with being a space saver, hand baskets naturally create a quicker shopping experience through its convenient size for a smooth journey to checkout.

In high-touch, high-traffic areas, it's essential to be equipped with the crowd control must-haves to keep operations running smoothly and safely.

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Food Retail

We're listening and want to hear from you.

If you have another unforeseen area of your business directly affected by the coronavirus, feel free to reach out to an on-call food service expert—we are here to help. We also encourage those with questions to please email our award-winning customer support team for assistance.

We will work through this together, and look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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