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The Coronavirus: Take CHARGE Today

We'll get right to it—in a time this chaotic—and uncertain, we know you have challenges and concerns that are growing day by day. To ease these stressors, we've carefully curated the three part CHARGE Action Plan focusing on customer and staff health and how to recreate a guest experience in response to COVID-19.

In this plan, we'll quickly address food retailer's top-asked questions, problems and offer quick solutions to COVID-19 related issues, all just a click away.


Due to the influx of shoppers amidst this time of uncertainty, food retailers are working tirelessly to restock shelves at an alarming rate. To assist your hard working staff and serve your customers, we've curated a few recommended products for a more streamlined process. Start getting more back of house products on the shelf, quicker and easier, in a time when it's needed most.



Q: It feels like the increase of shoppers in my store happened over night. What are the quickest, easiest, go-to products to get right now that can help my staff in stocking faster?

Our transport carts and flatbed carts come in a variety of shapes and sizes—perfect for every food retail setting. Even if you already have carts at your store, it might be time to invest in a larger, heavy duty option. Although it may seem obvious, the larger size and/or more tiers moves more inventory in significantly less time. You'd be surprised at how many extra trips this simple upgrade can save your staff each day.

A: Recommended Products:


Q: The overflow of work is physically taking a toll on my staff. What products would help alleviate this issue so we're working smarter, not harder?

In times like this, it takes a lot of manpower to keep things running smoothly. Take a little bit of weight off your staff members' shoulders with dollies.

Also, box cutters are a little tool that makes a big difference. We've seen a couple customers take on this tactic—more box cutters allows more employees to tag team on opening product shipments to streamline the process. Sometimes strength in numbers is your best bet.

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Q: We need creative options. How can we totally work around the issue of stocking shelves quicker, while still selling product?

Curbside options are a trend that's quickly growing in food retail and creatively works around this problem. Half of the battle is the time it takes to physically stock product on shelves. A curbside to-go option not only eliminates the need to move product to shelves, but also decreases in-store foot traffic. This is also a great alternative for elderly customers, or for those who may be uncomfortable shopping in large groups.

A: Recommended Products:

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We're listening and want to hear from you.

If you have another unforeseen area of your business directly affected by the coronavirus, feel free to reach out to an on-call food service expert—we are here to help. We also encourage those with questions to please email our award-winning customer support team for assistance.

We will work through this together, and look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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