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What is Product Positioning?

Think of a puzzle. Now think of all the in-store products—the puzzle pieces. At the beginning of the puzzle-solving process, there are lots of the pieces lying around in what looks like, a very disorderly pile. The end goal and vision seem unclear when looking at this disorderly heap, and in food retail industry terms—these pieces aren’t adding up to more sales. Here’s where we come in, as our main goal is to group these puzzle pieces to seamlessly fit together to spotlight your products and make your brand’s significance become clear to customers.

As a food manufacturer, product positioning is the art of determining where a product is best placed in-store to maximize visibility, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

Finding Your Brand’s Product Positioning Strategy

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Through maximizing strategic product positioning, there’s less of a need to fight for coveted eye-level real estate and high traffic aisles and endcaps. If you’re ready to implement top-shelf solutions without using your usual shelf space, here are a few of our most strategic options that just might be the unique fit you’ve been looking for.

Putting the Pieces Together:

Refrigerator/Freezer Door Racks

Frozen food sales are on the rise due to their quick convenience and single-serving options, so why not take advantage of this progressively popular area?

Freezer Door Racks

Specialty Bars with Shelf Stables

Get creative snatching eye-level views with shelving above specialty bars. Having your product one reach away while customers make their self-serve meals is convenient for them, and even more fruitful for you.

Specialty Bars

Cross Merchandising Products

Spotlight multiple items while optimizing valuable floor space. Cross-merchandise with complimentary items to encourage impulse purchases and grow basket sizes.

Cross Merchandising

Point Of Purchase Displays

A common issue for all food manufacturers is getting their product effectively merchandised by food retailers. Avoid this issue by providing POP displays along with your product to determine exactly how your brand is promoted.

Point Of Purchase Displays

Five Other Benefits of Effective Product Positioning

  1. Increase shopper loyalty of your brands
    Shoppers are more likely to pick your brand over others if they’ve seen it before. Brand recognition always has (and probably always will) be important to your potential customer’s purchasing decisions.
  2. Inspire more ideas, recipes, and combinations
    Well-thought-out product positioning in target markets gives customers ideas they maybe wouldn’t have had otherwise. The more thought, inspiration, and excitement leads to a larger basket size.
  3. Provide a more convenient customer journey
    Nine out of ten customers decide to return to a store if they enjoy their experience. Effective product positioning can expedite a shopping experience while also spurring more impulse buys.
  4. Take a more cost-efficient approach
    There’s no secret that promoting your products in paid digital ads can get very pricey. Product positioning done right (POP Displays, eye-level displays, etc.) can be a cheaper route to getting more advertising and recognition of your product.
  5. Talk the talk about your brand
    You believe in your brand. Now it’s time to make other people, too. Whether you’re a new brand just trying to get your feet off the ground or a well-recognized product, strategic positioning can help in promoting your product’s unique benefits, in front of as many people as possible.

Ready For Your Products to Stand Out?

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